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Many of today's nursing professionals obtained their wealth of knowledge as a traveling nurse. Our ideal candidate has a richness of experience in a wide range of settings and locales.

Our commitment to teamwork helps us attract and retain the best nurses. Join us today!

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We welcome you to being part of the RN Recruit team. Whether you are new to travel nursing or currently a travel nurse looking for better opportunities, you will find that RN Recruit provides the opportunity for a new world of adventure and excitement as well as professional development.

Let RN Recruit.net help you plan your next travel nursing assignment. For those first time nurses embarking on a career in travel nursing, we have over 22 years experience in the industry and can help you make informed decisions about which travel assignment will best suit your needs. We also offer a full-time RN to assist you with any clinical issues you may encounter.

You may accept as many or as few assignments as you like, with opportunities to travel all over the United States. We provide housing and travel for each of your assignments. We offer the flexibility of working for as few as 36 hours per week with the possibility to work more hours, if you so choose. This will allow you the opportunity to have more flexibility and control over your leisure time.


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RN Recruit has a variety of assignments ready for you across the USA.

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