We provide patient care to facilities on a temporary basis; ensuring the hospitals are well staffed and their patients receive the quality care that they deserve.


Today's hospital is an institution for professional healthcare provided in part by physicians and nurses. A healthcare facility where patients receive treatment, and the sick or injured are given the required medical or surgical care.


America is facing a nursing shortage that has become a crisis across the country. While this shortage will only get worse over the years to come, RN Recruit can help. The number of companies that are available to you has grown by leaps and bounds. The difference in RN Recruit is we can provide your facility with a different class of nursing personnel, while working closely with your team to provide the proper skill sets and diversity to staff your hospital and care for your patients.


We offer you the old saying of "get it done right the first time" empowering your managers with temporary staff to keep beds open and provide continuity of care each patient deserves. Watched over by our highly skilled nursing and recruitment team, our employees are our most important asset. High performance and compassion is required from each candidate. In closing please remember we are here to exceed your expectations and after 22 years we know this business and can "get it right for you the first time".

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